Grin Charcoal-Infused Bamboo Toothbrush

Grin Charcoal-Infused Bamboo Toothbrush

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Look after the environment whilst caring for your teeth and gums with Grin Charcoal-Infused Bamboo Toothbrush! Made from sustainable bamboo, this charcoal-infused bamboo toothbrush handle is 100% biodegradable. The toothbrush bristles have been infused with a premium activated charcoal which has been recognised for its antibacterial and detoxifying properties for thousands of years. Alongside brushing the charcoal works to keep bacteria at bay whilst absorbing toxins and restoring the whiteness of teeth.

With softer bristles! (Soft bristles are recommended by dentists)

0.01mm micro slim-tip bristles reach deep between teeth and along the gum-line

The antiseptic properties of charcoal help to keep bacteria at bay in your toothbrush whilst also absorbing and destroying bacteria in the mouth

Charcoal naturally whitens teeth by gently removing stains without stripping away tooth enamel

The detoxifying properties of Charcoal help to eliminate chlorine and other harsh chemicals found in tap water

The charcoal bristles help to prevent plaque build-up

100% biodegradable handle 

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