Grin Charcoal-Infused Biodegradable Brush - Teal

Grin Charcoal-Infused Biodegradable Brush - Teal

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Grin make it easy to take great care of your teeth and gums whilst caring for the environment with the new Grin Charcoal-Infused Biodegradable Brush! This beautifully designed brush is made from sustainable non-GMO corn starch, which means the toothbrush handle is 100% biodegradable. The toothbrush bristles have been infused with a premium activated charcoal which has been recognised for its antibacterial and detoxifying properties for thousands of years. Alongside brushing the charcoal works to keep bacteria at bay whilst absorbing toxins and restoring the whiteness of teeth.

100% biodegradable handle

Charcoal-Infused bristles

Soft bristles, suitable for sensitive teeth and gum (soft bristles are recommended by dentists)

0.01mm micro slim-tip bristles reach deep between teeth and along the gum-line

The antiseptic properties of charcoal help to keep bacteria at bay in your toothbrush whilst also absorbing and destroying bacteria in the mouth

Charcoal naturally whitens teeth by gently removing stains without stripping away tooth enamel

The detoxifying properties of Charcoal help to eliminate chlorine and other harsh chemicals found in tap water

The charcoal bristles help to prevent plaque build-up

Biodegradable packaging 

Clear blister seal is made of PLA (aka “bioplastic") which is a biodegradable plant-based plastic made from corn starch.

BPA free 

PVC free

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Please note: Grin toothbrushes are made from corn starch, a naturally occurring material that is robust for personal use, though may not have the strength of a traditional plastic toothbrush. Caution needs to be used when brushing teeth as heavy/hard brushing may cause the head to snap off. Please note that dentists recommend minimal pressure when brushing teeth to avoid issues like receding gums, enamel erosion and increased sensitivity of the teeth.